Decoded Slug: Classifier 'quả'

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Classifier 'quả'

Classifier 'quả'

Short explanation:

Used to classify certain types of nouns, primarily fruits and spherical objects.


numerical quantifier + quả + Noun


Tôi đã ăn một quả táo sáng nay.
I ate an apple this morning.
Cô ấy mua năm quả cam ở chợ.
She bought five oranges from the market.
Bạn có thể cho tôi một quả bóng không, làm ơn?
Could you give me a ball, please?
Tôi thích chơi với quả bóng rổ.
I like to play with the basketball.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'quả' is a classifier used to denote a certain group or category of nouns. It is used primarily with fruits and spherical objects. In Vietnamese, each noun requires a classifier, similar to 'a piece of' in English. 'quả' is equivalent to saying 'a piece of' when referring to fruits or spherical objects.

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