Decoded Slug: Clause of concession: 'tuy'

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Clause of concession: 'tuy'

Clause of concession: 'tuy'

Short explanation:

Used to introduce a statement that expresses a concession or contrast.


Tuy + Sentence 1, Sentence 2


Tuy bạn ấy luôn miệng nói yêu thích công việc hiện tại, nhưng tôi biết bạn ấy đang tìm kiếm công việc mới.
Even though he always says that he loves his current job, I know he is looking for a new job.
Tuy thời tiết đang rất lạnh, anh ấy vẫn mặc áo phông.
Even though the weather is very cold, he is still wearing a t-shirt.
Tuy không thích màu đen nhưng tôi vẫn mua chiếc áo đó vì nó rất hợp với tôi.
Although I don't like black, I still bought the shirt because it suits me well.
Tuy trước đó họ chưa bao giờ gặp mặt nhau, nhưng họ trò chuyện rất hợp nhau.
Even though they had never met before, they chatted very naturally.

Long explanation:

'Tuy' is a Vietnamese linking word that is used to introduce a statement that expresses a concession or a contrasting idea. It can be translated as 'even though', 'although', or 'despite' in English. When using 'tuy', you need to ensure that the sentence implies a contrast between two ideas or actions.

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