Decoded Slug: Clause of reason 'vì'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Clause of reason 'vì'

Clause of reason 'vì'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the reason or cause for an action or occurrence.


subject + verb + 'vì' + reason


Tôi ở nhà vì tôi đang cảm thấy mệt.
I stay at home because I'm feeling tired.
Học sinh đến trường muộn vì xe bus bị hỏng.
The student arrived at school late because the bus broke down.
Vì trời mưa, nên dự án xây dựng đã bị trì hoãn.
The construction project was delayed because of the rain.
Anh ấy không đi làm vì anh ấy bị ốm.
He didn't go to work because he was sick.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese conjunction 'vì' is typically used to introduce a clause of reason or cause, similar to the usage of 'because' in English. This word helps in constructing sentences where one wishes to explain the rationale behind an event, a statement or an action.

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