Decoded Slug: Clothing related expression 'mặc…vào'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Clothing related expression 'mặc…vào'

Clothing related expression 'mặc…vào'

Short explanation:

Used to describe the action of wearing or putting on clothes.


subject + 'mặc…vào' + object (the thing to be worn)


Mẹ bảo cô bé mặc áo khoác vào vì trời đang lạnh.
The mother told the little girl to put on her coat because it's cold outside.
Nhanh lên, mặc quần áo vào và chúng ta sẽ đi ngay.
Hurry up, put on your clothes and we'll be on our way.
Hôm nay, tôi mặc chiếc áo sơ mi mới mua của mình.
Today, I put on the new shirt I bought.
Trước khi ra ngoài, hãy nhớ mặc áo mưa vào.
Before going out, remember to put on your raincoat.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese phrase 'mặc vào' is used to describe the action of putting on clothes or wearing them. It is equivalent to 'put on' in English. This phrase is usually used when you want to tell someone to wear something or when you describe what you are wearing.

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