Decoded Slug: Comparisons with 'bằng'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Comparisons with 'bằng'

Comparisons with 'bằng'

Short explanation:

Prime aspect of Vietnamese grammar, used to draw equal comparisons.


Subject + Adjective + bằng + Noun


Tuấn cao bằng với Thắng.
Tuan is as tall as Thang.
Bố nấu ăn ngon bằng mẹ tôi đấy.
My father cooks as well as my mother.
Ở Sài Gòn nóng bằng như Mũi Né nhỉ.
It's as hot in Saigon as it is in Mui Ne.
Công việc của tôi cũng khó bằng như công việc của bạn đấy.
My job is as difficult as your job.

Long explanation:

'Bằng' is a Vietnamese word, equivalent to 'as' or 'equals' in English and is used in comparisons to denote equality. It is used when two things or people are being compared on the same level or equal in a certain aspect.

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