Decoded Slug: Comparisons with 'hơn cả'

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Comparisons with 'hơn cả'

Comparisons with 'hơn cả'

Short explanation:

'Hơn cả' is a comparative phrase used to express a higher degree of something beyond a certain level or concurrent comparison.


Subject + hơn cả + the thing being compared


Anh ấy học giỏi hơn cả em gái mình.
He studies even better than his own sister.
Ngôi nhà này rộng hơn cả khách sạn.
This house is even bigger than a hotel.
Tôi cảm thấy đau ở phần mũi hơn cả ở phần răng.
My nose hurts even more than my teeth.
Quả bơ này chín nhanh hơn cả các loại quả khác khi tôi mua chúng.
This avocado is even riper than when I've bought others.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'hơn cả' is a phrase used to highlight that something not only surpasses others in a certain aspect, but it even exceeds a certain stated standard or expectation. It corresponds to 'even more than' in English. This phrase emphasizes exaggeration or high extensity.

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