Decoded Slug: Comparisons with 'hơn'

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Comparisons with 'hơn'

Comparisons with 'hơn'

Short explanation:

Used to compare two elements, equals to 'more than' or 'better than' in English.


Subject + Verb/Adjective + hơn + [compared element]


Tôi thích ăn phở hơn ăn mì.
I prefer eating pho more than noodle.
Chị ấy hát hơn tôi.
She sings better than me.
Việc này khó hơn tôi nghĩ.
This work is harder than I thought.
Cuốn sách này dày hơn cuốn sách kia.
This book is thicker than that book.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'hơn' is used in comparison sentences to compare two elements. It is equivalent to 'more than' or 'better than' in English. This word is often used to compare the quantity, quality, or degree of an action or attribute between two objects, subjects, or actions.

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