Decoded Slug: Comparisons with 'như'

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Comparisons with 'như'

Comparisons with 'như'

Short explanation:

'Như' is used to draw a comparison between two things.


Subject + Verb + 'như' + Object


Anh ấy hát như một ngôi sao nhạc pop.
He sings like a pop star.
Tôi ngủ như một đứa bé.
I sleep like a baby.
Cô ấy nấu ăn như một đầu bếp chuyên nghiệp.
She cooks like a professional chef.
Không khí ở đây mát mẻ như ở vùng núi.
The air here is as cool as in the mountainous area.

Long explanation:

'Như' is a Vietnamese comparison word, similar to 'as' or 'like' in English. When you want to draw a comparison between two things, or say that someone or something is 'like' someone or something else, you use the word 'như'. It is positioned between two phrases or ideas that are being compared.

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