Decoded Slug: Compounding: 'bàn ghế'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Compounding: 'bàn ghế'

Compounding: 'bàn ghế'

Short explanation:

Used to refer to furniture, more specifically 'tables and chairs'.


compound noun of 'bàn' (table) and 'ghế' (chair)


Phòng khách nhà tôi đầy đủ bàn ghế.
My living room is full of tables and chairs.
Tôi cần mua một số bàn ghế mới cho nhà hàng của mình.
I need to buy some new tables and chairs for my restaurant.
Cửa hàng nội thất ở gần nhà tôi bán nhiều loại bàn ghế như bàn ghế như gỗ, nhựa và thép.
The furniture store near my house sells many kinds such as wood, plastic, and steel tables and chairs.
Bàn ghế trong lớp học của tôi rất thoải mái.
The tables and chairs in my classroom are very comfortable.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese language, the term 'bàn ghế' is a compound noun made up of 'bàn' (table) and 'ghế' (chair). Compounding is a way of combining words to create a new word or phrase. The compound 'bàn ghế' refers to furniture, but more specifically to tables and chairs. It is often used in everyday conversations, and can be used to mention furniture in either general or specific context.

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