Decoded Slug: Conjunction 'kẻo'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Conjunction 'kẻo'

Conjunction 'kẻo'

Short explanation:

Used to express the meaning 'fear that', 'lest' or 'otherwise'.


clause1 + kẻo + clause2


Nhanh lên kẻo muộn học bây giờ.
Hurry up, otherwise we'll be late for school.
Hãy uống nước đi kẻo bị khát.
Drink water, lest you get thirsty.
Hãy chuẩn bị kịp thời kẻo phải hối hận.
Prepare in time, otherwise you'll regret it.
Hãy để ý đến sức khỏe của bạn, kẻo bị ốm đấy.
Pay attention to your health, otherwise you'll get sick.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese conjunction 'kẻo' is used to connect two clauses, where the first clause receives some action on purpose to avoid the undesired situation in the second clause. It translates to 'fear that', 'lest' or 'otherwise' in English. This conjunction expresses the fear of something undesirable happening if an action isn't performed or avoiding a possible negative outcome.

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