Decoded Slug: Conjunction 'mà'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Conjunction 'mà'

Conjunction 'mà'

Short explanation:

Used to show a contrary or unexpected condition or result.


clause 1 + mà + clause 2


Anh ấy thông minh mà luôn nhận điểm thấp ở trường.
He is smart but he always gets low grades at school.
Tôi học rất chăm mà vẫn không thể hiểu.
I study extremely hard yet I still can't understand.
Tôi nấu ăn rất ngon mà không ai muốn ăn.
I cook deliciously but nobody wants to eat.
Chị ấy vẽ rất giỏi mà luôn tự ti về khả năng của mình.
She is very good at drawing yet she always doubts her ability.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'mà' is a conjunction that is used to indicate a contrast or unexpected result between two clauses. It can be translated as 'but' or 'yet' in English. This conjunction is often used to connect two sentences where there is an unexpected outcome in the second clause based on what was stated in the first clause.

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