Decoded Slug: Continuation adverb 'còn'

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Continuation adverb 'còn'

Continuation adverb 'còn'

Short explanation:

Used to express the continuity or remaining quantity, or to compare things.


Subject + còn + Verb or Object


Cô ấy còn đang làm việc ở văn phòng.
She is still working at the office.
Anh còn nhớ đến tôi không?
Do you still remember me?
Tôi còn các loại bánh khác nếu bạn muốn thử.
I have other types of cakes if you want to try.
Anh ấy còn thích ưu đãi này hơn.
He still prefers this offer more.

Long explanation:

'Còn' in Vietnamese is a multi-functional adverb which can be used to express that something is remaining, continuing, or yet to be completed. It can also be used to set up comparisons between two or more items. The meaning it carries can be similar to 'still', 'yet', 'more', or 'other' in English depending on the context.

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