Decoded Slug: Demonstrative adverb 'đó'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Demonstrative adverb 'đó'

Demonstrative adverb 'đó'

Short explanation:

Used to refer to something or someone that is farther from the speaker, similar to 'that' in English.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Chiếc ô tô đó rất đẹp.
That car is very beautiful.
Bạn thích ngôi nhà đó không?
Do you like that house?
Chú chó đó rất thân thiện.
That dog is very friendly.
Tôi không muốn ăn món đó.
I do not want to eat that dish.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese adverb 'đó' is a demonstrative word used to point to something or someone that is not close to the speaker. It is equivalent to 'that' in English. It can refer to singular or plural entities, depending on the context. It is often used in statements and questions to identify and specify the person or object being referred to.

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