Decoded Slug: Demonstrative adverb 'đấy'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Demonstrative adverb 'đấy'

Demonstrative adverb 'đấy'

Short explanation:

Used to point out a person, object, idea or situation that has been previously mentioned. It's similar to 'that' in English.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Nhà của tôi ở đấy.
My house is over there.
Cô ấy ở đấy.
She is there.
Quyển sách đấy rất hay.
That book is very good.
Ý tưởng đấy rất tốt.
That idea is very good.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the demonstrative adverb 'đấy' is often used in conversation to refer back to something or someone previously mentioned. It serves multiple functions such as emphasizing an idea, recapitulating a point, or drawing attention to something. It is equal to the English words 'that', 'that's', or 'there'.

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