Decoded Slug: Demonstrative adverb 'kia'

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Demonstrative adverb 'kia'

Demonstrative adverb 'kia'

Short explanation:

Used to refer to something or someone far from both the speaker and listener.


Noun + kia


Bạn thấy người phụ nữ kia không? Tôi muốn biết tên của cô ấy.
Do you see that woman over there? I want to know her name.
Quyển sách kia ở trên giá sách đấy, tôi đang cần nó cho công việc của mình.
That book over there on the shelf, I need it for my work.
Cây cầu kia dẫn đến trung tâm thành phố.
That bridge over there leads to the city center.
Trường học kia rất lớn và rất rộng.
That school over there is very big and vast.

Long explanation:

'Kia' is a demonstrative adverb in Vietnamese that is used to indicate an object, person, or situation that is far from both the speaker and the listener. It's equivalent to 'that over there' in English. It can be used in conjunction with nouns to indicate specific objects or people.

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