Decoded Slug: Demonstrative pronoun 'ấy'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Demonstrative pronoun 'ấy'

Demonstrative pronoun 'ấy'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate or point out a person or thing previously mentioned.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Anh ấy là bạn của tôi. Anh ấy rất giỏi về toán.
He is my friend. He is very good at math.
Cuốn sách ấy rất hay. Tôi đã đọc nó nhiều lần.
That book is very good. I have read it many times.
Loài cây ấy có thể cao lên đến 15 mét. Nó có lá rất to.
That tree can grow up to 15 meters. It has very large leaves.
Con mèo ấy rất đáng yêu. Nó luôn chạy lại bên cạnh mỗi khi tôi về nhà.
That cat is very cute. It always runs over to me whenever I come home.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese pronoun 'ấy' serves as a demonstrative pronoun, similar to 'that' in English. It is used to point out a previously mentioned or implied person, thing, or idea. It's often used in conversation to refer to something in the physical or conversational context.

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