Decoded Slug: Demonstrative pronoun: 'đây'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Demonstrative pronoun: 'đây'

Demonstrative pronoun: 'đây'

Short explanation:

Used to point out a specific object or person, often the one nearest to the speaker.


đây + noun for objects or persons


Đây là cuốn sách tôi mua hôm qua.
This is the book I bought yesterday.
Bạn có thể nhìn thấy ngôi nhà của tôi từ đây.
You can see my house from here.
Đây là anh trai tôi, anh ấy đang học Đại học Oxford.
This is my older brother, he is studying at Oxford University.
Đây là cây bút mà bạn muốn mua phải không?
This is the pen you wanted to buy, isn't it?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'đây' is a demonstrative pronoun used to refer to a specific person or object, often the one physically closest to the speaker or the subject at hand in the conversation. In English, this would be translated as 'this' or 'here'. 'đây' can also refer to the current situation or event when used in context.

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