Decoded Slug: Demonstrative pronoun: 'kia'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Demonstrative pronoun: 'kia'

Demonstrative pronoun: 'kia'

Short explanation:

Used to point out an object or person that is far from both the speaker and the listener.


Noun + kia


Cái nhà kia là của bạn trai tôi.
That house over there is my boyfriend's.
Cô gái đang đi trên đường kia là bạn của tôi.
The girl walking on that street over there is my friend.
Ngày kia chúng ta sẽ đi du lịch.
We will go on a trip the day after tomorrow.
Người phụ nữ kia là cô giáo của tôi hồi đại học.
She is my teacher from my university days.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'kia' is a demonstrative pronoun referring to someone or something far from both the speaker and the listener. It is similar to 'that' or 'those' in English when referring to something far away. It can refer to things in both physical distance and in time.

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