Decoded Slug: Different meanings and functions of 'lại'

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Different meanings and functions of 'lại'

Different meanings and functions of 'lại'

Short explanation:

'Lại' is a versatile word in Vietnamese, used to express repetition, continuation, or return to a previous state.


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Anh ấy đã làm rơi cốc nước, sau đó lại làm rơi cái bát nữa.
He dropped the glass of water, then he dropped the bowl again.
Chúng tôi đã đi xem bộ phim đó, nhưng sau đó lại quay lại để xem lần nữa.
We went to see that movie, but then we went back to see it again.
Tôi đang nói chuyện với bạn của mình thì điện thoại tắt. Tôi phải gọi lại cho bạn ấy.
I was talking to my friend when the phone turned off. I had to call back.
Dù đã đi làm, nhưng tôi phải quay lại nhà vì đã để quên chìa khóa.
Even though I went to work, I had to go back home because I forgot the keys.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'lại' holds various meanings largely dependent on its contextual use. It can be used to indicate repetition or doing something again. It may also express the continuation of an action or event that was interrupted previously. Additionally, 'lại' can be used to show a return to a previous state or situation.

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