Decoded Slug: Emphatic 'cũng' used with interrogative words

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Emphatic 'cũng' used with interrogative words

Emphatic 'cũng' used with interrogative words

Short explanation:

Used to give extra emphasis when asking questions.


Interrogative Word + cũng + Sentence


Điều này cũng đã thực sự thay đổi khi tôi quay trở lại quê hương.
That really has changed since I came back to my homeland.
Ai cũng đã từng mắc lỗi này trước đây?
Who actually has made this mistake before?
Tại sao cũng anh không đi họp hôm nay vậy?
Why didn't you really go to the meeting today?
Chúng ta cũng sẽ gặp lại nhau nữa chứ?
We are we really going to meet again, right?

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'cũng' can be used with interrogative words to add an emphasis, indicating that the speaker genuinely wants to know the answer, or is surprised about it. In English, this could be translated broadly as 'really' or 'actually' in questions.

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