Decoded Slug: Emphatic particle 'ấy'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Emphatic particle 'ấy'

Emphatic particle 'ấy'

Short explanation:

Used to emphasize or refer to something that has been mentioned.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Con mèo ấy là của bạn ạ?
Is that cat yours?
Cô giáo ấy rất nghiêm khắc với học sinh.
That teacher is very strict with students.
Tôi mua cái áo ấy ở chợ bên cạnh.
I bought that shirt from the market next door.
Quyển sách ấy đã giúp tôi hiểu thêm về lịch sử Việt Nam.
That book has helped me gain more understanding about Vietnamese history.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese particle 'ấy' is an emphatic word used to highlight an entity or subject mentioned earlier in conversation. It creates emphasis and denotes familiarity of the subject at hand. It can be equivalent to the English demonstrative pronouns 'that' or 'those' but is used more informally.

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