Decoded Slug: Exclamatory word 'thôi'

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Exclamatory word 'thôi'

Exclamatory word 'thôi'

Short explanation:

Used to express an urge to stop or halt an action.


thôi + [the action to be stopped or left]


Thôi đừng khóc nữa.
Don't cry anymore, stop it.
Tôi không muốn nghe nữa, thôi đi.
I don't want to hear anymore, enough.
Anh ấy nói nhiều thế, thôi đi được không!.
He has spoken a lot already, enough enough.
Chúng ta đã làm việc quá lâu rồi, thôi nghỉ ngơi chút đi.
We have worked for too long already, let's rest enough.

Long explanation:

The exclamatory word 'thôi' is used in Vietnamese language to express a request or urge to stop, halt, or leave something. It can be roughly translated to 'enough' or 'stop' in English. This word can be used in different contexts and can change its meaning depending on the situation.

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