Decoded Slug: Expression 'Khỏi phải'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'Khỏi phải'

Expression 'Khỏi phải'

Short explanation:

Used to express the notion of not needing to do something because another action or situation has made it unnecessary with a negative emotion.


Khỏi phải + Verb (intended or expected action)


khỏi phải nấu cơm, anh ấy đã nấu rồi.
He cooked the rice so I didn't have to cook.
khỏi phải dọn, mẹ đã dọn dẹp nhà của rồi.
Mom cleaned the house so we didn't have to clean.
Khỏi phải mua, cô ấy đã mua vé nên tôi.
She bought the tickets so I didn't have to buy.
Khỏi phải sửa, người ta đã sửa chữa máy tính rồi.
They fixed the computer so I didn't have to fix it.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese expression 'khỏi phải' is used to express the idea of not having to do something due to a situation or action that has already made it unnecessary. It's often used in situations where the outcome of an event or action eliminates the need for an intended or expected response.

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