Decoded Slug: Expression 'Kia kìa'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'Kia kìa'

Expression 'Kia kìa'

Short explanation:

Used to draw attention to something in Vietnamese.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Kia kìa, cái cây mà bạn đang tìm đấy!
There it is, the tree that you're looking for!
Kia kìa, bạn của tôi đang đứng đó.
Over there, my friend is standing.
Kia kìa, đó là thư viện mà chúng ta cần tới.
Look at that, that's the library we need to go to.
Kia kìa, đó là nhà hàng mà chúng ta đã hẹn hò.
There it is, the restaurant where we made a date.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese expression 'Kia kìa' is commonly used to draw someone's attention to something. It is equivalent to English expressions such as 'Look at that', 'There it is', 'Over there' etc. It is usually used when pointing towards something or someone at a certain distance from the speaker.

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