Decoded Slug: Expression 'Mới … thôi'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'Mới … thôi'

Expression 'Mới … thôi'

Short explanation:

Used to emphasize the recency of an action or event.


Example of grammar formation for 'Mới … thôi': Mới + action/verb + thôi


Tôi mới về nhà thôi.
I just got home.
Anh ấy mới đi mua sắm thôi.
He just went shopping.
Chúng tôi mới gặp nhau tại buổi họp thôi.
We just met each other at the meeting.
Tôi mới nói với bạn ấy về điều đó thôi.
I just told him about that.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese expression 'Mới … thôi' is used to indicate that an action or event has just recently occurred. It is equivalent to saying 'just ...' in English. It helps to emphasize the recency of the action or event being discussed. It is often used when sharing news or updates about recent happenings.

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