Decoded Slug: Expression 'Vừa … vừa …'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'Vừa … vừa …'

Expression 'Vừa … vừa …'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate that two actions or states occur simultaneously or two qualities are possessed by the same subject.


Vừa + verb/adjective 1 + vừa + verb/adjective 2


Cô ấy vừa xinh đẹp vừa thông minh.
She is both beautiful and intelligent.
Tôi vừa làm việc vừa nghe nhạc.
I work and listen to music at the same time.
Anh ấy vừa chơi guitar vừa hát.
He plays guitar and sings at the same time.
Cậu bé vừa ăn kẹo vừa xem phim.
The boy eats candy and watches movies at the same time.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese phrase 'Vừa … vừa …' is an expression used to describe that two actions are happening at the same time or a subject has two qualities. It is equivalent to the English phrases 'both, and' or 'at the same time'. The phrase literally translates as 'just...just...' but don't let that confuse you, the essence is in conveying the occurrence of two actions or states at once.

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