Decoded Slug: Expression 'mời'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'mời'

Expression 'mời'

Short explanation:

Used to offer, invite or to politely communicate that something is ready.


mời + receiver + action/thing


Mời bạn vào phòng khách.
Please come into the living room.
Mời bạn xem qua tài liệu này.
Please take a look at this document.
Mời anh dùng trà.
Please enjoy the tea.
Mời bạn thử món mới của chúng tôi.
Please try our new dish.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'mời' translates to 'invite' or 'please' in English, but its usage isn't limited to these definitions. It's often used to offer something to someone, to invite someone somewhere, or to politely let someone know that something is ready for their use. 'Mời' is a great way to add politeness to conversations in Vietnamese.

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