Decoded Slug: Feelings of illness with 'bị'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Feelings of illness with 'bị'

Feelings of illness with 'bị'

Short explanation:

'Bị' is used to express that someone is suffering from a negative state or situation, especially in terms of health.


bị + illness or negative state


Tôi bị cảm rồi.
I have a cold.
Anh ấy bị đau đầu.
He has a headache.
Chị ấy bị mất ngủ.
She has insomnia.
Cô ấy bị tiểu đường.
She has diabetes.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese grammar, the word 'bị' is often used to talk about negative situations or states that a person is suffering from, especially in the context of health or feeling ill. This word can be closely related to 'have' or 'get' in English when talking about illness. It is effectively used to imply that the suffering is imposed on the person by the illness or the negative state.

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