Decoded Slug: Final particle 'chứ'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Final particle 'chứ'

Final particle 'chứ'

Short explanation:

Used to emphasize or express surprise, disagreement, or contradiction.


Affirmative sentence + 'chứ'


Anh ấy thông minh chứ!
He is smart, of course!
Bạn đã ăn sáng chưa? rồi chứ, tôi ăn sáng rồi!
Have you eaten breakfast yet? Of course, I have!
Cô ấy có phải là học sinh giỏi không? Có chứ, cô ấy là học sinh giỏi!
Isn't she an excellent student? Of course, she is!
Tôi nghĩ rằng anh ấy có tài năng đấy. Có chứ!
I think he has talent. Indeed, he does!

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'chứ' is used as a final particle in sentences to express various emotions. It is usually used to emphasize a statement, express surprise, disagreement, or contradiction, or to affirm an obvious fact or expectation. The nuance of 'chứ' largely depends on the context in which it is used.

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