Decoded Slug: Interrogative 'nào'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Interrogative 'nào'

Interrogative 'nào'

Short explanation:

Used to ask which one or ones, when there is a choice.


noun + 'nào'


Bạn thích màu nào nhất?
Which color do you like the most?
Bạn muốn mượn quyển sách nào từ thư viện?
Which book do you want to borrow from the library?
Tiệm bánh nào bán bánh mì ngon nhất?
Which bakery sells the best tasting bread?
Bạn muốn đi xem phim nào tối nay?
Which movie do you want to go see tonight?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese interrogative word 'nào' corresponds to the English 'which' or 'which one'. It's used when asking for a specific item or items from a set or within a category. In a sentence, it usually follows the noun it refers to.

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