Decoded Slug: Interrogative structure 'đã … chưa'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Interrogative structure 'đã … chưa'

Interrogative structure 'đã … chưa'

Short explanation:

Used to ask whether something has happened yet.


đã + [verb] + chưa


Bạn đã ăn trưa chưa? Tôi chưa ăn trưa.
Have you had lunch yet? I haven't had lunch yet.
Bạn đã hoàn thành bài tập về nhà chưa?
Have you finished your homework yet?
Con đã học bài chưa? Chưa, con vừa mới về nhà thôi.
Have you studied yet? Not yet, I just got home.
Anh đã xem bộ phim đó chưa? Chưa, nhưng anh định xem vào cuối tuần này.
Have you seen that movie yet? Not yet, but I plan to watch it this weekend.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese phrase 'đã … chưa' is an interrogative structure used to inquire whether an action has been completed yet. It is equivalent to asking 'have you/has it … yet' in English. This structure is often used to seek information about the completion of an event or execution of an action.

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