Decoded Slug: Interrogative word 'à'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Interrogative word 'à'

Interrogative word 'à'

Short explanation:

Used to express surprise, realization, or ask for confirmation.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


À, tôi hiểu rồi.
Ah, I understand now.
Bạn là người Mỹ à?
You're American, is that so?
À, đó là cô ấy!
Oh, that's her!
À! Tôi bỏ quên ví của mình ở nhà.
Oh! I forget my wallet at home.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'à' is an interrogative word used when the speaker is surprised, realizes something, or seeks confirmation. It is similar to the English interjections 'oh', 'ah', and sometimes 'is that so'. It can be used at the start or the end of the sentence, and sometimes stands alone.

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