Decoded Slug: Level adverb 'rất'

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Level adverb 'rất'

Level adverb 'rất'

Short explanation:

Utilized to intensify the level of an adjective or verb in a sentence.


rất + adjective/verb


Cuốn sách này rất hay. Có lẽ bạn nên mua nó.
This book is very good. Perhaps you should buy it.
Người đàn ông ấy rất giàu có. Ông ấy có hàng trăm triệu đô la.
That man is very rich. He has hundreds of millions of dollars.
Bà ấy rất giỏi nấu ăn. Bữa tối hôm qua rất ngon.
She is very good at cooking. Dinner last night was very delicious.
Tôi rất thích nghệ sĩ hài đó. Anh ấy rất hài hước.
I like the comedian very much. He is very funny.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'rất' is a level adverb used to enhance an adjective or a verb in a sentence. It conveys a stronger degree of something and can be likened to the English adverbs 'very' or 'really'. When you want to emphasize something, you can use 'rất' before the word you want to intensify.

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