Decoded Slug: Level-of-quality adverb 'lắm'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Level-of-quality adverb 'lắm'

Level-of-quality adverb 'lắm'

Short explanation:

Used to enhance the quality or degree of an adjective or a verb.


Adjective/Verb + lắm


Bài kiểm tra khó lắm.
The test is very difficult.
Tớ thích bạn lắm đấy.
I like you very much.
Tôi cảm thấy mệt lắm rồi.
I am very tired.
Bạn đẹp lắm.
You are very beautiful.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese adverb 'lắm' is used to emphasize or enhance the quality or intensity of an adjective or verb, much like how we would use 'very' or 'so' in English. It is usually placed right after the adjective or adverb that it's enhancing.

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