Decoded Slug: Location term 'dưới'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Location term 'dưới'

Location term 'dưới'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the location is 'under' or 'below'.


Object 1 'dưới' Object 2


Chiếc chìa khóa ở dưới cục gạch.
The key is under the brick.
Trẻ em chui dưới gầm bàn để chơi trò tìm kiếm.
Children crawl under the table to hide during the hide and seek game.
Cô ấy sống dưới gầm cầu khi không có nhà.
She lives under the bridge when she is homeless.
Tôi để đồ nghề của mình dưới tấm ván.
I keep my tools under the plank.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese location term 'dưới' is used to indicate the position of something as being 'under' or 'below' another thing. It is synonymous to the English term 'under'. The term helps in specifying spatial relationships between different items or places.

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