Decoded Slug: Location term 'giữa'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Location term 'giữa'

Location term 'giữa'

Short explanation:

Used to express location, equivalent in meaning to 'between' or 'in the middle of' in English.


Example of grammar formation: Subject + đang/ở + 'giữa' + location/descriptions


Có hai quả táo, tôi đặt một quả lê ở giữa hai quả táo.
There are two apples, I put a pear between them.
Thành phố nằm giữa hai con sông lớn.
The city is located between two large rivers.
Tôi đang ngồi giữa bạn Hùng và bạn Hà.
I'm sitting between my friend Hung and my friend Ha.
Công viên nằm ngay giữa trung tâm thành phố.
The park is right in the middle of the city center.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'giữa' is used to specify a location. It generally translates to 'between' or 'in the middle of' in English. Often, it is used to emphasize relative position or location of person or objects.

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