Decoded Slug: Location term 'ngoài'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Location term 'ngoài'

Location term 'ngoài'

Short explanation:

Used to express a location outside of a referenced place.


ngoài + location


Mọi người đang chơi đá banh ngoài sân.
Everyone is playing football outside on the field.
Những đám mây đen có thể thấy từ ngoài cửa sổ.
The dark clouds can be seen from outside the window.
Rất nhiều người đang đợi ngoài cửa hàng.
A lot of people are waiting outside the store.
Tôi thích đọc sách ngoài vườn.
I like to read books outside in the garden.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'ngoài' is a location term often used to express a location that is outside or beyond the limits of a mentioned place. Its English equivalent would be 'outside', 'beyond' or 'out'. This term is typically placed right before the referenced location to indicate 'outside of' that place.

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