Decoded Slug: Location term 'trước'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Location term 'trước'

Location term 'trước'

Short explanation:

Used to denote a position or location 'in front of' something.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Tôi đang đứng trước cửa nhà bạn.
I am standing in front of your house.
Cửa hàng trước mắt cô ấy bán rất nhiều loại rau.
The store in front of her sells a lot of types of vegetables.
Tôi là người đứng trước bạn trong hàng đấy.
I am the person standing in front of you in the line.
Cổng trường học trước nhà tôi là nơi tôi thường chờ bạn mỗi sáng.
The school gate in front of my house is where I wait for you every morning.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'trước' is a preposition used to describe a physical location or position 'in front of' something. It can be used to take about positions in space (like 'in front of the house') or order in a series (like 'before you in line').

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