Decoded Slug: Location term 'trong'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Location term 'trong'

Location term 'trong'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate location, equivalent to the English word 'in' or 'inside'.


trong + location


Mẹ tôi đang ở trong nhà bếp.
My mother is in the kitchen.
Sách của bạn đang ở trong ba lô của tôi.
Your book is in my bag.
Trong nhà có rất nhiều đồ ăn.
There is a lot of food in the house.
Tôi muốn ở trong một ngôi nhà lớn.
I want to live in a big house.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'trong' is used to indicate the location of something or someone. It refers to being inside or within a physical space, similar to the English words 'in' or 'inside'. This word is placed before the place or location that is being referred to.

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