Decoded Slug: Particle 'ơi'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Particle 'ơi'

Particle 'ơi'

Short explanation:

Used to get someone's attention or to call someone.


noun + ơi


Mẹ ơi, con đã về nhà.
Mom, I'm home.
Anh ơi, đừng đi mà!
Hey brother, don't go!
Chị ơi, chúng ta cùng đi chơi nhé?
Hey sister, let's go play together?
Bạn ơi, tôi cần bạn giúp một tay.
Hey friend, I need your help.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese particle 'ơi' is a colloquial term that is used to call someone or to grab a person's attention. It is a very informal expression, usually used between friends, family members or people of the same age. In English, it can be loosely translated to 'hey', but is used after the noun or name unlike in English where it's used before the names.

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