Decoded Slug: Passive voice 'bị'

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Passive voice 'bị'

Passive voice 'bị'

Short explanation:

Used to construct passive voice sentences, usually indicating a negative situation.


subject + bị + agent + verb


Tôi bị một người đàn ông lạ cướp điện thoại.
My phone was stolen by a strange man.
Học sinh bị cô giáo phạt vì đi học muộn.
The student was punished by the teacher for being late.
Anh ấy bị tai nạn khi đang lái xe.
He was in an accident while driving.
Chúng tôi bị mất hết hành lý trong chuyến du lịch vừa rồi.
Our luggage was lost in our recent trip.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'bị' is used to form sentences in the passive voice, typically when the situation being described is negative or unfortunate. The structure with 'bị' is 'subject + bị + agent + verb', where the 'agent' is the person or thing causing the action. It is similar to the English use of 'was/were + verb-ed by'.

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