Decoded Slug: Personal pronoun 'anh'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Personal pronoun 'anh'

Personal pronoun 'anh'

Short explanation:

Used as a personal pronoun to address a male person.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Anh đã ăn sáng chưa? Còn tôi, tôi vừa mới ăn xong.
Have you had breakfast yet? As for me, I just finished eating.
Anh đến đây lúc mấy giờ? Tôi đến lúc khoảng 9 giờ sáng.
What time did you come here? I arrived around 9 in the morning.
Anh đang làm gì vậy? Tôi đang xem phim.
What are you doing? I'm watching a movie.
Sách của anh đâu rồi? Tôi để nó ở đây mà.
Where is your book? I put it here.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'anh' is commonly used as a personal pronoun to represent a male individual, typically an older brother or a male who is slightly older or at the same age as the speaker. This pronoun is used contextually, and not only for referring to a sibling. The use of 'anh' helps to convey respect and familiarity in conversation.

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