Decoded Slug: Personal pronoun 'bà'

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Personal pronoun 'bà'

Personal pronoun 'bà'

Short explanation:

'Bà' is a personal pronoun used to refer to a woman, generally older and respected.


Directly use 'bà' before the person's name or alone, based on context and relation with the person.


Bà Nguyễn đang nấu ăn trong nhà bếp.
Mrs. Nguyen is cooking in the kitchen.
Bà có thể cho tôi thêm tý muối được không?
Could you pass me some more salt, madam?
Tôi thì thích trà cam, còn bà thì sao?
I like orange tea, what about you, madam?
Bà Vân sẽ giúp tôi sắp xếp cuộc họp tuần này.
Madam Van will help me arrange the meeting this week.

Long explanation:

The term 'bà' in Vietnamese is a personal pronoun that carries a certain level of respect and is leveraged to refer to women who are older or are regarded as senior figures. This can be the equivalent of saying 'Mrs.' or 'madam' in English. The personal pronoun 'bà' can be used to address someone directly, or as a third-person reference. Note that it is crucial to adhere to the hierarchies in Vietnamese culture when employing pronouns.

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