Decoded Slug: Personal pronoun - 'chị'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Personal pronoun - 'chị'

Personal pronoun - 'chị'

Short explanation:

Used to address or refer to an older female person.


Use 'chị' before the name of the person or alone when no name is mentioned.


Chị Lan nấu ăn rất ngon.
Sister Lan cooks very delicious food.
Chị đang làm gì đấy?
What are you doing, sister?
Chị có thể giúp tôi được không?
Can you help me, sister?
Ngày nào chị Thanh cũng đi làm.
Sister Thanh goes to work every day.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese pronoun 'chị' is used when referring to or addressing an older female individual. In Vietnamese culture, it is important to show respect to elders, so this pronoun is commonly used when engaging with an older female to demonstrate respect or familial connection. 'Chị' acts in a similar way to the English 'sister' when used within a family context, but its expression is broader in that it can be used for non-family members as well.

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