Decoded Slug: Personal pronoun: 'bà'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Personal pronoun: 'bà'

Personal pronoun: 'bà'

Short explanation:

Used to refer to an elder female, equivalent to 'grandmother' or 'Mrs/Madam' in English.


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'Bà của tôi rất thân thiện và luôn niềm nở với mọi người.
My 'grandmother' is very friendly and always welcomes everyone.
'Bà tôi thích làm bánh ngọt.
My 'grandmother' likes making dessert.
'Bà Nguyễn là giáo viên Tiếng Việt của tôi.
'Mrs.' Nguyen is my Vietnamese teacher at school.
Tôi sẽ gặp bà Lê để thảo luận về dự án.
I will meet 'Madam' Le to discuss the project.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese personal pronoun 'bà' is used to address or refer to an elder female in a respectful manner. It is more often than not used for a person's grandmother or someone of similar age. Moreover, in formal circumstances or in business, 'bà' can also be used as an equivalent to 'Mrs.' or 'Madam'.

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