Decoded Slug: Plural marker 'những'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Plural marker 'những'

Plural marker 'những'

Short explanation:

'những' is used to indicate the plural form of a noun.


Using the plural marker 'những' is straightforward. It is simply placed right before the noun.


Những con chó của tôi rất thích chơi với những trái bóng.
My dogs really like playing with balls.
Những cuốn sách này rất hữu ích cho những sinh viên nghiên cứu.
These books are very useful for research students.
Tôi đã mua những chiếc áo len mới cho mùa đông.
I bought some new sweaters for winter.
Những bài học quý giá từ những trải nghiệm trong cuộc sống.
Priceless lessons from life experiences.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the word 'những' is often used as a plural marker ahead of a noun. It denotes that there is more than one of that noun, functioning similarly to the English 'the' or 'some' before plural nouns. It is important to note that 'những' is used regardless of whether the noun that follows is countable or uncountable.

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