Decoded Slug: Plural marker 'những' + question word 'gì'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Plural marker 'những' + question word 'gì'

Plural marker 'những' + question word 'gì'

Short explanation:

This combination is used to ask about different types of something or what kinds of things.


những gì + Verb/Adjective


Bạn thích những gì trong bữa ăn hằng ngày của mình?
What kinds of things do you like in your daily meals?
Bạn muốn biết những gì về công việc của tôi?
What kinds of things do you want to know about my job?
Chúng ta nên mang theo những gì khi đi du lịch?
What kinds of things should we bring when going on a trip?
Bạn muốn tìm hiểu những gì về văn hóa của Việt Nam?
What kinds of things do you want to learn about Vietnamese culture?

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the plural marker 'những' is used before the word 'gì' to form the expression 'những gì'. This is used to inquire about various types or categories of something. It translates to 'what kinds of' or 'what things' in English.

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