Decoded Slug: Preposition 'bằng'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Preposition 'bằng'

Preposition 'bằng'

Short explanation:

Used to compare two things that are equal or to denote the means of doing something.


subject + bằng + object /or subject + verb + bằng + tool/method


Số tiền này bằng số tiền mà tôi đã tiết kiệm.
This amount is equal to the amount I saved.
Chị ấy cao bằng tôi.
She is as tall as me.
Tôi viết thư bằng cây bút mực.
I write the letter by ink pen.
Tôi đi làm bằng xe bus mỗi ngày.
I go to work by bus every day.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese preposition 'bằng' is used to denote equality between two items. It can be translated to 'as' or 'equal to' when it is used in comparisons. Additionally, 'bằng' can also be used to mean 'by', referring to the tools or methods used to perform an action.

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