Decoded Slug: Preposition 'cho'

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Preposition 'cho'

Preposition 'cho'

Short explanation:

'Cho' is a preposition used to express the idea of giving or for someone.


Subject + Verb + cho + Object


Cô ấy đã mua một món quà cho anh trai mình.
She bought a gift for her brother.
Anh ấy đang chuẩn bị bữa ăn cho gia đình.
He is preparing a meal for the family.
Tôi viết một bức thư cho bạn gái của tôi.
I write a letter to my girlfriend.
Bố mẹ đã mua một chú cún cho con.
Parents have bought a puppy for their child.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'cho' is a basic preposition that is used to denote the action of giving or direction towards someone. It can convey the idea of 'for' or 'to' in English. This preposition is widely used in numerous contexts and usually placed before a noun to indicate the object of an action. However, it should not be placed at the end of a sentence.

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