Decoded Slug: Preposition 'khỏi'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Preposition 'khỏi'

Preposition 'khỏi'

Short explanation:

Used to signify starting point or origin.


Khỏi + place/time/state


Tôi đi khỏi nhà lúc 7 giờ.
I left home at 7 o'clock.
Hãy cố gắng tránh khỏi tai nạn.
Try to avoid accidents.
Từ khi tôi chuyển khỏi thành phố, tôi ít khi gặp bạn bè.
Since I moved away from the city, I rarely meet friends.
Tôi cảm thấy mình đã thoát được khỏi căng thẳng.
I feel that I have escaped from stress.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese preposition 'khỏi' is used to indicate a place, a time or a state from where something begins or originates. It can be translated to English as 'from', but it is typically used in negative contexts to indicate the avoidance of something or getting rid of something.

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